Orphan Drug Annual Access Report 2022

Orphan Drug Annual Access Report 2022

AELMHU publishes, once again this year, the annual data on access to orphan drugs in Spain in order to monitor the evolution of access to this type of treatment in our country.

This project started in 2017 and reflects in a simplified way the arrival of innovation in our country and its subsequent financing by the SNS. For this purpose, it mainly uses 4 indicators: the number of products with orphan designation and trade name in the EU (195), the products that have community marketing authorization (146), the orphan treatments that arrive in our country (123) and those that are finally financed by the National Health System, currently 63.

Another factor studied is the average time between the different phases of the financing process. Among these, the 34 months on average that the 9 drugs financed in Spain in 2022 had to wait (time between obtaining the National Code and financing) stand out.

You can learn more about the report in this infographic.