AELMHU meets with César Hernández

AELMHU meets with César Hernández

The Board of Directors of AELMHU has started the year by meeting at the Ministry of Health with César Hernández, Director General of Common Portfolio of Services of the National Health System and Pharmacy, who was accompanied by Dolores Fraga, Deputy Director General of Pharmacy, and Javier García del Pozo, Deputy Assistant Director in the Deputy Directorate General of Pharmacy.

The purpose of the meeting was to resume face-to-face contact with the Ministry and to discuss the current access situation, our concerns and the proposals that could be implemented thanks to an active and continuous collaboration between the administration and the industry.

The meeting also discussed the contributions that AELMHU has sent to the Ministry of Health for the reform of the Law on Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Medical Devices, which is expected to be amended before the end of 2023.

Another of the topics discussed was the interest of the organization and its members in collaborating and actively participating in the Strategic Plan for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2023-2025, which is being developed by the Government. The association considers it essential not to leave out of the Plan a group as strategic for pharmaceutical innovation as the one that AELMHU represents.