AELMHU announces its first awards to recognise research and dissemination of rare diseases

The financial endowments of 3,000 euros will be earmarked for donations to projects linked to rare diseases and/or orphan drugs. The submission of applicationsThe deadline for applications, which can be submitted via the AELMHU website, is 17 September.

The Spanish Association of Orphan and Ultra-Orphan Drug Laboratories (AELMHU) has announced the first edition of the AELMHU awards, which will recognise the best clinical trajectories in research and dissemination of rare diseases and/or orphan drugs.

These awards were created with the aim of contributing to a better understanding of rare diseases and orphan drugs, as well as to a greater dissemination of the problems of those affected, the recognition of their pathologies, their special circumstances and the therapeutic and social value of orphan drugs.

In its first edition, the AELMHU Awards have three categories:

  • Award for the best research career in rare diseases and/or orphan drugs.
  • Award for the best clinical career in rare diseases.
  • Award for the best work in the dissemination of knowledge on rare diseases and/or orphan drugs.

The financial endowments of the awards will go entirely and directly to donations to organisations or projects linked to rare diseases and/or orphan drugs. The winner of each category will receive an award and will have the opportunity to select the organisation to which AELMHU will donate the amount of €3,000.

The rules of the awards, as well as the application forms, can be found on the AELMHU website and the process of receiving applications is open until 24.00 hours (CET) on 17 September 2017.

The AELMHU Awards are open to natural persons legally resident and exercising their professional activity in Spanish territory, as well as legal entities (schools, associations, residences, public or private health institutions, scientific societies) with a registered office in Spain that promote research on rare diseases and/or orphan drugs in Spanish territory. The call for entries is not exclusive, so candidates may participate in one or more categories at the same time.

The AELMHU jury composed of clinical and scientific professionals, rare disease experts, representatives of political institutions and journalists will announce the winners in November.