AELMHU presents its new website

AELMHU presents its new website

Ten years after our birth, the Spanish Association of Orphan and Ultra Orphan Drug Laboratories (AELMHU) would like to renew our commitment to society.

  • With those of you who suffer from a rare disease and want to know more about the treatments that could change your life.
  • With so many researchers, companies and entrepreneurs; brave people who have made the decision to discover a treatment and change the world and seek in our association the warmth and company of those who defend a noble common goal.
  • With public decision-makers and administrations, patient associations and scientific societies, who every day come to these pages to find the truth in the data, convinced that this is the best way to improve the lives of others.
  • With the professionals who come face to face with the disease every day and, with each patient in mind, you have decided to be part of the solution, knowing the latest processes and understanding the concerns of those who discover and develop them.
  • And, of course, with you, who have just discovered that there are medicines called orphan drugs and are surprised that these treatments often suffer from economic, institutional and social orphanhood.

For all of you, we are launching this new window to the world.

Because of and for all of you, from today AELMHU will be closer and better.

Because everything we do in our Association, and that you will be able to see through this new format, is the real sample of what we are and what together we have been and will be able to do all the members of AELMHU.

And because the future of orphan drugs in Spain will be the one that, among all of us involved, together with society, we are able to conquer.

Through this window, we will connect your concerns and desires with our Association's capacity for economic, political and social influence so that the courage of those who research and develop medicines in such a difficult field as rare diseases is recognised by society. And so that no patient with a rare disease feels like an orphan in our country.

You are at home. Welcome to AELMHU, the voice of orphan drugs in Spain.